Pavan Choudary

Pavan Choudary


As the whole world faces an economic downturn, a power shutdown of sorts; its time to oil your lamps and keep moving. However, diehard optimism alone won’t work. It’s tinme to redesign conventions, a time to rephrase strategies and learn what to change / alter to keep afloat.

But what are these conventions and strategies?

How can one continue to win through wisdom and creativity?

Vivekacharya Pavan Choudary (Not a pundit but a successful practitioner.) in this uniue module provides some key insights and wisdom to follow in the downturn.

The module / workshop will focus on the following subheads:

1. FROM THE CRECHE TO THE MORTUARY: When an economy is progressive, many businessmen grow. When an economy is in regression, still some businessmen grow. During boom time growth happpens in the creche, while during regression it is the mortuary which records growing profits. There is growth nevertheless.

2. COVERAGE CURBS COMPETITION: This is the time when most of the competition becomes pessimistic. If you know ways of increasing your customer coverge you can more than counter the dip in sales.

3. ENTERING SUBSTITUTE INDUSTRY: As people begin cutting costs and look at other via media to get the work done, this is probably the best time to become that via media. The section will discuss examples of small / medium size organizations that have thrived on sensing this need.

4. EXIT POLICIES: This is the time to make it easier for others to exit from the industry. There are many ways to do so.

5. FUTURE MEDIA: that give the same results at low cost.

6. EXHAUSTING RINGS OF DEFENSE: What is the most prudent approach — Cut expenses on training or advertising or dealer discounts or wage bills? What should be cut first? What should be left untouched? Industry specific answers.


All in all, this program is designed to provide a unique perspective to look at and use this downturn as an opportunity rather than a threat by the author of When you are Sinking become a Submarine — Mr Pavan Choudary (

Target Audience: Directors, CEOs, Middle to Senior Management Personnel

Vivekacharya Pavan Choudary is acknowledged for his global contributions in the fields of Wisdom, Leadership, Management, Political Thinking, Psychology, Creativity, State Craft & Spirituality. His pioneering thoughts in these areas have initiated a wave of social reform, which is gradually adding to the national fabric.

He is considered among the foremost thinkers of the world in breadth and depth of thinking. Through his life transforming ideas and mentoring he has contributed to the success of sports stars, film stars, CEO’s and the political elite both in India and abroad. His world acclaimed book, When You Are Sinking Become a Submarine expounds a new philosophy of power and success. It has crossed Indian shores and is becoming a reference text for leaders worldwide. It has already been translated in to Hindi and other language editions are soon to hit the market. His most recent offering is an audio Trilogy of wisdom – a path-breaking commentary on Chanakya’s Political Wisdom, Confucius’ Social Wisdom and Kabir’s Spiritual Wisdom.

Leading on the path of nation building Vivekacharya has moved from strength to strength and today he is being viewed as the most promising political thinker and management speaker shaping opinions on practically all aspects of governance, social reform and leadership.

Not a pundit but a successful practitioner, Vivekacharya Pavan Choudary, is the CEO and MD of Vygon a leading French Multinational in the field of Healthcare.