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New presentation of seminars for your Creative Transformation (TM):

Until the new detailed description is available on our web page, it is an honor to send you further information for any seminar, after a free situational analysis of your case.

Motivational seminars: (duration: 3 hours)

1. Corporate LifeTreeSystem(c) – 7 keys to awaken the human potential in your company

2. THE DRAGON PATH (c) put the seed of success in your employees!

3. BIOSYNERGY FOR BUSINESS — for motivation and best performance!

4. UNLEARNING for continuous improvement. The creative revolution for a positive attitude toward change.

5. CORPORATE VISION AND PERSONAL MISSION — Synchronize for success and productivity!

6. ATTITUDE IS COMMITMENT: Health and Happiness in your company.

Conferences and workshops in Personal Development and Productivity Enhancement: (duration getween 5 and 8 hours)

The following is the Wheel of Creativity with its 9 Multiple Intelligences:

1. CREATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS: The personal decision to generate Success.

2. CORPORATE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Authentic relations and productive interaction.

3. CREATIVE SELF-ESTEEM: Awakening the personal and collective talent.

4. BUSINESS THEATRE: Free, transparent and assertive communication.

5. MUSICAL INTELLIGENCE: Productivity with a jazzy rhythm.

6. EMOTIVE LEADERSHIP: Authentic communication and efffective ides.

7. CORPORATE CREATIVITY: Renovation of Beliefs and Attitudes.

8. SELF-MOTIVATION AND ADAPTATION: Taking decisions in critical moments.

9. BUSINESS METAMORPHOSIS: Synergy in the Living System Company

Workshops and Tailored Projects for Team Integration: (duration between 3 and 16 hours)

1. CREATIVE TRANSFORMATION (TM) TAILORED FOR YOU: customized projects according to your requirements


3. TEAM INTEGRATION: Development of multiple intelligences for Creative Problem Solving in teams.