Lars Ringe, Innovation Consultant, RobotLab

 Christian Hjorth, Lars Ringe, Connie Harryman
Creative Thinking Consultants for RobotLab Innovation Simulations

Find the Potential in Your Employees and Make your Competitive Position Stronger!

Experience what happens when ten teams of three people get the same assignment but come up with ten different solutions! The attendees will work together and code a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT robot. With the assembled robots, the attendees will compete to solve the predefined assignments. Success will be judged against predefined criteria.

• Thinking patterns, why do we have them and how can we change them?

• Your perceived abilities (the abilities that you think you have) and your fuller potential

• Experience success by going from an attitude of: Nothing is possible to: Everything is possible

• Satisfy themselves that their creative ideas can be implemented

Since qualified employees are in short supply and we face an increasing, global competition it is time to look around for new ways to keep up your competitive position.

• Enhance your innovation skills with up to 100 %

• Hold on to your knowledge workers for 2 more years

It’s all about being able to motivate the employees to take on ownership and responsibility for their day-to-day work and for the competitive position of the company. And it’s about developing the employee’s activity horizon and -potential.

This has several advantages:

• The employees find that they possess both better and more skills than they used to recognise in themselves


• The employees get a more vivid image of own abilities and feel better equipped and motivated to meet new challenges

• The employees can perform much more much better than before

• The knowledge company gets a far bigger yield from their most important resources: the employees.

We have specialised in workshops aiming at innovative skills for companies that acknowledge the advantage in focusing on the employees they already employ.

Our workshops include:

• Theoretical knowledge about the way people think and how we can learn a better way of thinking

• We work with activity potential and -horizon

• Practical exercises in which the participants can put the theories to use

• Problem solving in groups incorporating the theories and experience from the exercises

• The work in the group will be supervised and the efforts form a part in a competition between the groups which will conclude the workshop

• Follow-up in the company.

The objective is to give the participants:

- A successful experience learning that they are able to do much more than they thought

- Insight into what it takes to become ground-breaking, more creative and innovative

- Good, practical tools to solve the problems in the company

- An aha-experience when you change your thinking Nothing is possible to Everything is possible!

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