John J. Cimino, Jr.

John J. Cimino, Jr.

John J. Cimino, Jr.

John J. Cimino, Jr. is the founding president and CEO of Creative Leaps International (1992), The Learning Arts (1982) and Associated Solo Artists, Inc. (1972). Educated at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (biology & physics), the State University of New York at Albany (learning theory), and the Manhattan and Juilliard Schools of Music (music & voice), Cimino holds a uniquely interdisciplinary perspective and works across a host of disciplines dedicated to learning and human development.

Creative Leaps International

Entrepreneur the Arts

As a champion of the arts in education and professional life, Cimino has brought his “Concerts of Ideas” and other innovative arts programming into projects of the White House, the Center for Creative Leadership, WDC’s Center for Excellence in Municipal Management, and the leadership training programs of dozens of Fortune 500 companies including GE, IBM, Pfizer, McDonnell Douglas, the SC Johnson Company and Starbucks as well as to numerous universities and professional organizations.

Projects include presentations before the Global Leadership Forum (Istanbul), the International Organization Development Association (Guanajuato), the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society (Irvine, Ca), the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (Alexandria, VA) the Association for Managers of Innovation (Greensboro, NC), the “Crossing Paths” Conference on interdisciplinary approaches to artist development (Indianapolis, IN), the “Common Ground” Conference speaking on Innovations Beyond the Classroom in Arts-Based Learning (Rochester), the NYSAAE Conference on “Using the Arts to Energize the Core Curriculum” (Bard College, Poughkeepsie), the education conference of the Johnson City Arts Council in Tennessee, “The Arts Advantage in Teaching, Learning and Leadership”; Chicago’s Catalyst Ranch “The Arts, the Brain and the Mind’s Best Work: Bridging the Ingenuity Gap in the 21st Century”; and New York’s statewide NYSAAE/PAE/ESP conference with a keynote entitled “Unfreezing Our Creative Assets: Summoning Our Courage and Releasing Imagination”.

Cimino is also a consultant and advisor to universities engaged in interdisciplinary re-structuring and the integration of creativity, leadership and entrepreneurship as essential learning across the disciplines and in all aspects of university life.

As a performing artist, John Cimino is the winner of more than 20 national and international awards and prizes as an operatic and concert performer and has performed to acclaim throughout Europe and the continental United States in productions including LA BOHEME (Academy of Music, Philadelphia, opposite tenor Luciano Pavarotti, LUISA MILLER (International Verdi Festival of Busetto, Italy, opposite tenor Carlo Bergonzi) and MADAMA BUTTERFLY (New Jersey State Opera, opposite soprano Anna Moffo).