David Tanner

David Tanner

You are facing a tumultuous economic enviroment. Your challenge is to reduce costs significantly across the organization. At the same time you are faced with the challenge of leading your organization to become more creative and innovative.

You will be pleased to hear all of these objectives are compatible. In fact, by being creative and innovative you can not only reduce your costs but also increase your revenue.

Please allow me to introduce you to a creative thinking champion, David Tanner, who has already successfully done this at DuPont. He was director at the DuPont Center for Creativity & Innovation. Prior to that he held many other management positions in the DuPont company in over 30 years of service including Research Director, Pioneering Research Laboratory & and Technical Director, responsible for research and development, Industrial Products division, a group of seven businesses, including Kevlar®, Nomex®, and Tyvek®.

He was a strong proponent of innovation-fostering methodology which expanded beyond the technical groups into the marketing, manufacturing, and business functions.

You have the opportunity to bring this international creativity champion with a well-credentialed background to your organization.

You may read more about David Tanner at www.ignitinginnovation.com.

Igniting Innovation, Through the Power of Creative Thinking is his latest book.

Your organization can truly benefit from Dr. Tanner’s extensive background in supporting your current cost reduction strategies. Please contace me and let me know if this is a subject matter expert in creative thinking and innovation you would like to know more about.