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John Cimino and Creative Leaps International are truly global leaders in the art of bringing the performing arts to bear on business issues.

Robert Nalewajek, Chair
Human Issues in Management Conferences

If I ever had doubts about the power of the arts on business executives, my work with Creative Leaps International at McDonnell Douglas and SC Johnson put those doubts to rest.

Frank P. Bordonaro, Chief Learning Officer
McDonnell Douglas, S.C. Johnson

Creative Leaps International works with corporations, universities, business schools, government agencies, arts and cultural organizations, and a broad range of professional associations, centers for professional development and NGOs.

We provide customized programs and services focusing on leadership development and habits of excellence, creativity and innovation, diversity and community, living systems and change, resilience and renewal, interdisciplinary thinking and knowledge integration, personal commitment and compassion.

We are learning specialists, performing artists, scientists and renewal partners with more than 30 years experience as innovators in education, professional development and cultivation and precipitation of new thinking. Our uniqueness lies in our strategic and creative use of the performing arts within highly nuanced learning environments. Our orientation is strongly interdisciplinary, our design processes facile and adaptive, allowing us a rich and variegated platform for generating innovative responses to our clients’ needs.

Our programs and services take on a variety of innovative forms, including keynote “Concerts of Ideas”, workshops, seminars and short courses as well as facilitation, coaching, mentoring and special culminating events aimed at synthesis known as “Harvests of Learnings”.

Each Concert of Ideas is crafted as a fusion of lively performing arts with imaginative, cross-disciplinary stimulation for the intellect, the heart and the soul. They are a powerful catalyst for change and have launched scores of professional conferences, symposia, retreats, training initiatives and meetings coast to coast and abroad. Participants are royally entertained, but they are simultaneously challenged to entertain new perspectives and re-connect with their deepest values. The style of each Concert of Ideas is celebratory, exploratory, intensely serious and great fun – ideal for digesting new ideas, re-energizing for creative problem-solving, alternating our left brain/right brain learning modalities, and priming the mind and imagination for thoughtful dialogue.

Concert of Ideas

We invite you to review some of the requests for services brought to us by clients in the various sectors below. The range of assignments is diverse and substantial and we trust will inspire you to contact us to discuss your own interests. You will also find our client testimonials posted throughout this web site. We look forward to hearing from you.

IBM Research Division – To refresh and sharpen creative thinking and enhance constructive interaction among researchers in the material sciences division.
S.C. Johnson Company – To move beyond established traditions in order to reach new levels of performance, to re-think and re-design deeply rooted management habits.
Starbucks Coffee Company—To introduce the principles of Servant Leadership to the company’s national team of over 5000 store managers.
General Electric—To enliven and deepen executive leadership education and grow the company’s internal identity as a global organization containing rich cultural diversity.
Pfizer—To establish a highly innovative setting for creative problem solving and risk taking at an international conference of the healthcare industry.
Bank of Montreal – To cultivate a highly responsive culture of innovation and connectivity across all branches of the bank in both Canada and the United States.

McGill University
– To establish a culture of imaginative engagement in the exploration of cross-cultural leadership values with an incoming class of MBA students.
Columbia University – to work with MBA students from around the globe on issues of integrity in business as part of international conference of the Net Impact organization.
George Washington University – to lead a 3-day retreat for a highly international group of graduate students from the School of Business and Public Policy.
Regis University – to design and implement a conference on leadership and creativity for faculty and students of the university and its partners in the business community.
Oklahoma City University – to design and implement a 10-month training program for Faculty Fellows in creativity and arts-based approaches to pedagogy and course design.
University of Alabama – to work with faculty and senior administration on how to translate creativity from a gleaming idea into actionable programs across the university.

Council for Excellence in Government—to provide a lifeline of renewal, creativity and personal integrity among 1000 top Federal and White House government executives.
Center for Excellence in Municipal Management – to cultivate a new spirit of learning and personal development and introduce creative leadership as a management value.
U.S. Office of Personnel Development – to integrate creativity, imagination, and emotional intelligence into an established management development program.
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – to provide a much needed program addressing issues of renewal, resilience and rededication to mission and values.
U.S. Department of Agriculture – to deepen and refresh the core values of creativity, collaboration and community within a diverse and geographically dispersed agency.
The City of San Diego – to provide a keynote Concert of Ideas in partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership to catalyze new thinking for a Vision 2010 initiative.

Orange County Performing Arts Center (California) – to keynote a conference on the importance of the arts in education and to train the Center’s roster of teaching artists.
Broward Center for the Performing Arts (Florida) – to provide the inaugural educational performances opening the new facility together with in-depth training for teachers.
Association of Performing Arts Presenters – to provide in-depth training at the organization’s Crossing Paths Conference for education directors from across the country.
Common Ground Conferences – to provide a keynote performance and professional development for educators, teaching artists and arts advocates across New York State.
New York State Alliance for Arts Education – to provide a conference keynote together with professional development for educators, teaching artists and arts advocates.
Partners for Arts Education – to provide workshops and conference keynotes for educational events across New York State.

Professional Centers, Associations & NGOs
Center for Creative Leadership
— to communicate and embody the latest research on leadership as partnership, i.e., an emergent, fully participatory dynamic of groups.
Silver Bay Human Issues in Management Conferences – to provide a keynote experience to catalyze new thinking on leadership and energize wholehearted member participation.
Global Leadership Forum (Istanbul) – to speak to advances in executive education in the United States underscoring the emerging emphasis on creativity and arts-based learning.
International Organizational Development Association (Guanajuato) – to provide a keynote Concert of Ideas on the subject of imagination and social change for OD consultants.
European Summit on the Arts and Business (Slovenia) – together with Otto Scharmer and Meg Wheatley, to represent the USA and provide a keynote Concert of Ideas.
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development – to provide a keynote Concert of Ideas on educational leadership and deepen understanding of the role of the arts in learning.
International Creativity and Innovation Networking Conferences – to premiere a specially commissioned work on creativity an provide a keynote Concert of Ideas on creative leadershi.
The American Red Cross – to design and implement a 2-day Resilience Retreat for staff and volunteers of the Red Cross in new Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.
Association for Managers of Innovation – to provide a keynote Concert of Ideas on “innovation communities” at the 20th Anniversary Conference of AMI.
The Academy of Management (Chicago, 2009) – to present original insights, techniques and scholarship based on the work of Creative Leaps International on aesthetics and teaching.

John Cimino and his team from Creative Leaps International created and put on some of the very best programs I was privileged to see during my seven years with GE. His work has always been exceptionally well received, both by GE’s senior executives and by customers and other visitors to Crotonville. This is no small achievement, because rather than offering “off the shelf” material in the manner of most of the other presenters, each of the programs John put on was specifically tailored to reflect one of GE’s corporate initiatives or specific priorities. The uniformly positive results say a great deal about John’s originality and creativity, and his ability to produce content that has practical value.

Steve Kerr, Chief Learning Officer
Goldman Sachs and formerly, GE

The arts and banking? The arts and productivity? At first, an unlikely match, but innovation is like that, isn’t it? This learning has proven to be learning worth banking on!

James Rush,
Institute for Learning, Bank of Montreal

We are still basking in the glow! Your contribution to the success of our conference was magnificent!

Stanley S. Gryskiewicz, Center for Creative Leadership
International Creativity & Innovation Networking Conference

Transformational leadership — out-of-the-box thinking — is the kind of thing that truly transforms governments. Creative Leaps and the Concert of Ideas are examples of how you use advanced thought and out-of-the-box thinking to create new paradigms of action. And I’ve never seen anything else that so clearly demonstrates this. Everybody I’ve had go through this experience has liked it and been really impressed with this concept. I, myself, have been through 12 of the 15 Concerts of Ideas here at CEMM and I’ve learned something different every time. So, I’m a big fan”.

What is different about Creative Leaps is the mindset that they put you into, the thoughts they cause you to think. Understanding yourself is very important when you’re trying to be a better leader. And this parallels what they do with the music in terms of getting you in touch with yourself and then bringing this into the classroom and into the way you deal with people. This has been a powerful message for me in my involvement with Creative Leaps.

Herbert Tillery, Deputy Mayor for Operations, Washington D.C.
former Director, Center for Excellence in Municipal Management (CEMM)