Creativity Speakers

Lars-Connie-Christian-16Lars Ringe, Founder and CEO with Christian Hjorth and Connie HarrymanCreative Thinking Consultants for Innovation Simulations

Find the Potential in Your Employees and Make your Competitive Position Stronger!Bala Kanayson

Connie HarrymanConnie Harryman is a creativity developer and speaker with Applied Concepts Creativity.

Pacual GreubPascal Greub – Creative Transformation (TM) – Motivational seminars – Conferences and workshops in Personal Development and Productivity Enhancement.Pavan ChoudaryPavan Choudary – HOW TO KEEP AFLOAT IN THE DOWNTURN: KEEP GROWING WHILE ITS SLOWING.John J. Cimino, Jr. Creative Leaps InternationalDavid TannerDavid Tanner – a creative thinking champion!