Connie Harryman

About Connie Harryman

We have all heard about the law of attraction but what we did not hear is how to apply it. Connie Harryman’s life is all about the law of attraction. She gives you a roadmap of how to attract positive energy into your universe and to make your life be the life you want to live instead of the life you have to endure. You will find that most of the secret is in showing up in the right places.

Connie grew up as an eight year old migrant Mexican American working in the fields of rural Texas. She later had a career with AT&T and managed multi-million dollar accounts. She is co-owner of a software development company which has been in business since 1989. Connie has lived abroad and travelled extensively on an international level. She has just launched her creativity development company, Applied Concepts Creativity. She currently lives in a downtown condo, Poinsett Corners, located in beautiful downtown Greenville, South Carolina.

Community Group Involvement includes: Business Women in Action, Greenville International Alliance of Professional Women, Dynamic Women’s Network, Business and Professional Women of Greenville, Women in Technology Upstate, Chamber of Commerce: Chair Sales Roundtable, Co-chair and Founder CEO Connection, Co-chair and Founder CEO Summit, Past Director of Membership for the American Creativity Association 2008, Creative Training Skills Council – Pacific/Asia (CTSC-PA), Creative Advisor to LAPsits, Creative Advisor to Greenville Forward, Founder Green Think, Swamp Fox Innoventure Community, Women in Technology International (WITI). Connie’s education includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina as well as a Master in Business Administration from Clemson University. She has attended the American Creativity Association in Austin 2007, and the American Creativity Association Conference in Singapore 2008.

In Singapore Connie met the CEO of RobotLab, Lars Ringe, the inventor of “Innovation Simulations.” Their ongoing project is Mother Earth Needs Innovation. This is a global CEO conference in Greenland where corporate leaders will use an innovation simulation to address climate change. Their dream is to use one of the most innovative and creative concepts in the world to give corporate clients a practical tool to create a vision to address the unique challenges we all face during these tumultuous times.

How does your company come up with new ideas to not only survive but to take advantage of the economic meltdown? It requires creativity and innovative thinking. Lars Ringe of RobotLab, has created a system to show your company how to break your old thinking patterns and to create new business models. He created and owns the intellectual property bridging the gap from the ivory tower of creativity theory to practical application for the corporate sector.

Connie’s vision is to bring creativity systems and techniques to the corporate environment. We are all currently in a sinking economic environment. When she attended the American Creativity Conference in Singapore she also met Pavan Choudary, author of the international bestselling book, When You Are Sinking Become a Submarine. He is the CEO of a multinational company in India and speaks about “How to Keep Afloat in the Downturn: Keep Growing While It’s Slowing.” He is considered among the foremost thinkers of the world in breadth and depth of thinking.
In Singapore after interviewing many candidates, he sought out Connie and told her, “You are the one!” This is not strange to those who understand the law of attraction. Vivekacharya Pavan Choudary is acknowledged for his global contributions in the fields of Creativity, Political Thinking, Psychology, State Craft & Spirituality, Wisdom, Leadership, and Management.

Another speaker with Connie’s company is Pascal K’in Greub whose expertise is about the Wheel of Creativity and the nine multiple intelligences. You can “unlearn” bad habits, attitudes, or beliefs and become part of a creative transformation to acquire new individual and team skills to enable you to survive and thrive during a time of chaos.

Connie has always had a vision of her future life, even when she was that little eight year old Mexican migrant in rural Texas; she knew she would be a speaker and have a nice life. Now her new vision is to bring creativity concepts and apply them to the needs of corporate America. It is now time for a paradigm shift; it is time to break thinking patterns and to be innovative. Corporations must develop completely new ways of doing business. How do you begin? You call Connie Harryman at Applied Concepts Creativity and bring in subject matter experts who understand how to apply creativity concepts to real world business issues!

Connie Harryman is a speaker and the owner of Applied Concepts Creativity. She has two daughters and has been married for 38 years to her high school sweetheart. She is currently writing a book about her life, Mind Shift: Migrant to Main. She can be reached at: Connie.Harryman@att.net Ph. 864-525-1100, www.AppliedConceptsCreativity.com